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Our Story

Water Wins has been drilling wells in the region since they took over the project from Christian Reformed World Missions (World Renew) in 2005.

Located on the border of Niger and Kebbi states, Water Wins covers a 1600 sq. miles with a population of over 550,000. This region is known as the East Kambari Area (EKA) in Niger State. Approximately 70% still do not have access to clean water. Prior to receiving clean water, the infant mortality rate is reported to be 46% for children 5 and under. History shows that after having a well installed, communities see this rate improve to less than 10%.

Water Wins trains each community to manage and maintain all the wells. If a hand pump fails to function, Water Wins will repair the hand pump as part of the partnership. It is a priority that all wells and hand pumps provided by Water Wins are continually in full operation.

The water wells have opened doors for building relationships with communities. We seek to be a ministry that is built on Trust and Biblical Principles as we serve the EKA.

Wells Drilled

Our drill team completed 6 wells this year using a rotary rig and provided clean water to 2,700 people!

Wells Maintained

Water Wins also maintains the wells we drill along with others that people rely on.

Total Wells Drilled

Since 2005, Water Wins has drilled a total of 457 wells in the EKA.

Evangelists & Pastor

Pastor Iliya Justice leads 17 evangelists. 10 are supported by Water Wins and 7 by the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria.

Students Enrolled

This school year, classrooms are overflowing with over 200 students enrolled!


Still Need Clean Water

Even as Water Wins provides clean water to 228,150 of the 550,000 people in the EKA.

Provided Clean Water

Water Wins has provided clean water, sanitation and hygiens to 228,150 people in the EKA.

Total People in the EKA

Water Wins strived to provide as many people in the EKA with clean water as possible.

Our Mission & Approach

The purpose of Water Wins is to leverage our God-given talents to improve the lives and living conditions of the local people in the Eastern Kambari Area (EKA) through water well drilling, Biblical teaching, and community development. The Water Wins team is comprised of Nigerian employees, Nigerian Board, and a volunteer North American mentor group and partnership with Partners Worldwide.

The North American team includes more than a dozen engineers and businesspeople that have a calling to live out their faith through business. Responsibilities include fundraising, mentoring and the Nigerian staff.

Since 2005, Water Wins continues to expand the programing to create healthy Christian communities that love and serve each other. 

Community Development Opportunities

Health Services, immunizations and Medical Services

Basic hygienic training in hand washing and container washing

Agricultural Programs

Co-op endeavors provide local farmers the opportunity to store and sell their goods when market prices are the highest and advance farming through training.

Well Drilling and Maintenance

Nigerian team trained in percussion drilling operations, spare parts, resistivity readings, rig maintenance, and continuous improvement.

Primary Education

Water Wins Academy opened in September 2011 with over 200 students attending this year alone.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

The Water Wins team considers Spiritual Water as important as clean water for enriching and saving the lives and souls of God’s people. Water Wins currently sponsors a number of Nigerian Evangelists who are living with their families in the villages of the EKA. God’s grace is being revealed in this remote area of the world.

A Journey for Water

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Over 70% of the EKA still needs water. Help us change that!



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