Saving Lives, Saving Souls

Water Wins works with communities to drill wells to provide clean water to save lives. The relationships we build drilling wells opens the door to further development including Education, Biblical teaching, healthcare and agricultural programs.

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We Have the Power to Improve Lives, and You Can Help

Water Wins mission is to use our God given talents and resources to bring about sustainable Christian Community Development to the people living in the Eastern Kambari Area of Nigeria by modeling Christ Jesus In Word and Deed.

Clean water is life changing – a community’s child mortality rate falls from 50% to less than 10% in children 5 and under once a water well is installed. In addition, the overall health of the community improves allowing for more opportunities for families.


Well Drilling

Nigerian team trained in percussion drilling operations, spare parts, resistivity readings, rig maintenance, and continuous improvement.

Hand Pump Repair

A hand pump repair team performs maintenance/repairs on existing wells.

Primary Education 

Water Wins Academy opened in 2011 with over 200 students attending this year.


Water Wins helps to facilitate immunizations through the local Nigerian county government.

Biblical Teachings

Water Wins currently sponsors 4 Nigerian evangelists who are living with their families in the villages of the EKA spreading the Good News. The evangelists are sponsored through a partnership with Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN).

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Clean Water Changes Everything

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“Water Wins is committed to creating employment opportunities in the EKA.  All Water Wins employees are local Nigerians who lead or work in each of our programs.  We believe to create sustainability you must first tackle poverty through meaningful work.”

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